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The drought is over!

by Stef Railey

It came with a hiss and a roar,

Hot n sunny one day, Rain and wind, the next, reminds me, better go put a log on the fire.....Winter.

There was no Autumn, even here in the winterless north we have had to stoke the home fires. I think the real winter is biding it's time too...waiting quietly to pounce while we sit wrapped up warm and missing those hot dry days we all wished would end, well, at least show us some respite.....a shower or two now and then would have been bloody marvvvvLis!! Back a day or two of sun would be bloody brilliant!


Oh well,

Enough of the weather....RnR has had a makeover, reco'd motor and sternleg, new paint job in the loo, new depthsounder, Wayne has an ipod full of great tunes and the fish are biting.

Hapuku, Snapper, Kings, all coming aboard for those who know how, some people get it wrong and party the night before and become the berley chucker uppers...not much good when a decent fish hits the bait and they are head down bum up chatting to Ron!

Still, they must enjoy it, mustn't they???


In between trips, Wayne is busy picking and pressing, ably (I think) assisted by me in the Grove on the end of a compressor driven clacker thingy that shakes all the olives off the tree and onto the mats. It's exhausting work, and sometimes...mostly, is an 18 hour day, we are looking forward to picking the last tree of the season, but in fact, the old bodies are standing up very well to the hard yakka. I enjoy getting out there and realising I can still do it.

As they say, use it.........or lose it!

Winter time is a great time to get out and fish, when the wind and the rain does give us a break, cool clear winter days out on RnR are hard to beat.

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