Silver Hill Olive Estate

Just the most delicious annd direct from the grove.




Silver Hill Olive Estate is a single estate producer of fine quality extra virgin olive oil

We hand craft every delicious drop and can create for you, custom packaging, one bottle or hundreds.



Silver Hill Olive Estate




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Silver Hill Olive Estate is a single estate  olive oil producer, our method of extraction is by traditional press using modern hygenic equipment

We grow the olives using organic methods, no harmful sprays.
We use Agrisea liquid seaweed to nourish the trees.

At harvest time the olives are manually raked or shaken onto nets, we then de-leaf them and then press using our own press, all within hours of the harvest.
We are an 'A' certificated grove, situated just out of Wellsford in the sunny north of New Zealand..
Our press is of the traditional style, not the harsher centrifuge method.
Componentry used is both high grade 316 and food grade stainless steel. 
Traditional pressing allows us to let the olive oil settle naturally and gently, thereby retaining the goodness and flavour only obtained with an unfiltered traditionally pressed olive oil.

No olives from other groves are purchased or are introduced into our selection of olive oils, nor is our press used for pressing olives from other Groves. 


The unique climate of this lower Northland region, combined with the lime based clay soils add their own character and intensity to the flavours of the oil. 

With just 1000 trees, we are able to ensure a unique quality product for your good health and enjoyment.

We welcome enquiries to purchase our oil, we know you will be pleased you did, just like our many repeat customers !

Bulk prchases are welcomed and we invite your enquiries.


Varieties in our Grove include Koroneiki, Ascolano, Manzanillo, J5


Products available

Commisions for Handcrafted Custom Gift Packaging

All sizes

quotes given

Extra Virgin Olive Oil    
  500ml $25.00 to $30.00
  250ml $15.00 to $20.00
  100ml $ 8.50  to $10.50
Bulk Purchases for restaurants, connoisseurs etc ~ All Enquiries Welcomed   Neg

Silver Hill Seasoning ~ A Tuscan style seasoning

Great sprinkled on your hot potatoes with a drizzle of Silver Hill Olive Oil

Comfortable to wear, you will forget you have it on
Will not mark your boat ~ Tan or Black
Polo Shirts with RnR logo Polo Shirts with RnR logo   $40.00
Crew Neck T   $30.00
Sizes Large (L) and Extra Large (XL) Black or Navy    
RNR CAPS With RnR logo One size fits all (Black/Gold trim)   $25.00
To purchase, please email us or phone 09 423 7642 or 021 954 241    
Alternatively, visit our stall at the Mangawhai Saturday morning Market.    


All prices plus P&P or arrange to pick up with your next charter
Allow 14 days for delivery after payment received
Or order when booking your trip and we will have it ready for you to take away

~ Payment Methods accepted ~
By cheque to: RnR Charters Ltd - Silver Hill Road RD5 Wellsford North Auckland
Cash on the day of pickup
Online banking, contact us for details HERE

All prices include gst